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GeekWire now dynamically tracking startup funding in the Pacific Northwest

Curious about who in the northwest is getting funding? Well, if diving through Crunchbase or Pitchbook isn’t exactly your cup of tea, our friends at GeekWire have simplified it for you. Introducing the GeekWire Startup Funding List.

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100+ Portland startups to follow on Twitter

I’m always torn with these things. On one hand, I like gathering them up because, inevitably, I run into a few new companies. But I hate gathering them up because, inevitably, I miss a few obvious companies.

So, with that caveat, here’s a list of Twitter accounts for a bunch of Portland startups you should be following. Read More

Care to venture a guess as to who got picked for OEN Venture Northwest 2010? Oh. Fine. Here’s the list then.

Vying for cash is always a competition. But sometimes it’s actually a competition. I mean, like an event. Like the Bend Venture Conference. And like the annual Oregon Entrepreneur Network (OEN) Venture Northwest event.

Today, Venture Northwest revealed the speakers for this year. And of the 10 companies chosen to present, six fall into the realm of stuff Silicon Florist would usually cover. And I want one of them to win. So I’m only telling you about those six. Read More

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