What happened in the Gumroad creator community in 2020?

Gumroad just released a report on the metrics for its creator community in 2020. While it’s an admitted subset of the broader creator community, it’s an interesting glimpse into dynamics that are likely prevalent throughout the community. Extrapolation being what it is.

46,000 creators. $142,000,000. Statistics can be misleading. Divide the two numbers, and you get over $3,000 per creator. However, the median creator made only $70 in 2020. In fact, the top 1% of creators earned about 60% of the money in 2020. The top 10% of creators earned nearly 92% of the total GMV.

What’s a “creator,” you ask?

[A]n active Gumroad creator, who for this article I’ll simply refer to as a “creator,” is someone who made at least a penny on Gumroad at any point in 2020. This post is about 45,917 such creators. 

For the full report, visit Gumroad.