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What happened in the Gumroad creator community in 2020?

Gumroad just released a report on the metrics for its creator community in 2020. While it’s an admitted subset of the broader creator community, it’s an interesting glimpse into dynamics that are likely prevalent throughout the community. Extrapolation being what it is.

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A glimpse into Gumroad’s work culture

Prior to the pandemic lockdown, Gumroad founder and Rolling Fund manager Sahil Lavingia mentioned he had relocated to the Portland area. Which, in my mind, immediately made Gumroad — an already interesting player in the creator community — an even more important startup for me to start tracking. Today, he posted about the work culture at Gumroad, which provides some valuable insights — and potentially inspiration — for folks who may be rethinking their work environments.

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Using the new AngelList “rolling fund” model, a new Portland based early stage venture capital fund emerges

I can confidently say that there will never be enough accessible capital to adequately support entrepreneurs. So we’ll always have that to complain about. But that’s also a massive opportunity. Because there is also plenty of room for new players — and new models — to emerge. And another one just did. From Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad.

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Founder and CEO of Gumroad now calls Portland home

While we have any number of inspiring folks here in Portland, we could always use a few more. And that’s why I try to keep tabs on who’s relocating to the Rose City. One of the most recent transplants I’ve been following is Sahil Lavingia, founder and CEO of Gumroad, who now calls the Portland startup community home.

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