Investing in virtual healthcare: Portland’s Conversa continues to attract capital

Portland based Conversa has raised another chunk of capital, expanding its Series B raise to $20 million. The funding will be used to “continue to scale its technology platform, expand its library of automated virtual care digital pathways, and fuel growth with new and existing customers.”

What does Conversa do?

By tapping into the healthcare consumer’s own “health signals” (i.e., patient generated data, biometric, outcomes, and symptoms data), Conversa automates care with highly personalized, automated, and trusted conversations where possible, identifies at-risk patients, and provides digital triage to higher levels of care for those patients like phone calls, telehealth, e-visits, or scheduling in-person consults when necessary. With Conversa Connect™, its proprietary patient profiling and health signals engine, and an extensive library of evidence based Virtual Care Pathways, Conversa enables organizations to effectively manage patients with chronic conditions, post-hospital discharge, perioperative care, medication adherence, oncology, pregnancy, lifestyle, wellness, and more.

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