Housekeeping: Moving the Silicon Florist newsletter over to Substack

Having been online for more than 13 years, Silicon Florist has attracted a wide variety of readers who have an equally wide variety of reading preferences. Some folks read the blog. Some still track the RSS feed. Some follow the Twitter feed. But a whole bunch of you tend to rely on the Silicon Florist newsletter, week after week.

I’ve used a variety of publishing platforms over the life of the newsletter. And as I’m rapidly approaching the 600th Friday evening that I’ll be spending composing that newsletter, it seemed time for a refresh. As I mentioned, I’ve been experimenting with Substack, an email newsletter publishing platform. Given that positive experience, I’ve been inspired to move the Silicon Florist newsletter over there.

If you’re a current subscriber, you don’t have to do anything to remain on the list. I’ll just move your address over to Substack. But you may want to add “siliconflorist@substack.com” to your contacts. And you’ll want to make sure to check your spam or newsletter folder for the newsletter, next time, since it will be coming from a different place.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the newsletter, you’re more than welcome to do that below. Or if you’d like to read through a limited set of the archived newsletters before you subscribe, you can do that too.

Why the change? Well, first off, it just seemed like it was time for a refresh. Second, I wanted to change the format of the newsletter a bit. And my familiarity with the Substack platform makes that easy. And third β€” and most importantly β€” I really liked the way Substack made the archive of newsletters available to everyone, easily. I’m incredibly hopeful that this increased accessibility translates into increased promotion for all of the amazing startups, jobs, and events in the Portland startup community.

For more information or to sign up, please visit the new Silicon Florist newsletter. And if you happen to have a newsletter on Substack that I should be following, I’d love to hear about it β€” and so would everyone else.