What makes for a successful Seed deck?

There are any number of ways to tell a startup’s story. But no format sparks more debate than the pitch deck. What topics should it cover? How many slides should it contain? How much time should I spend on design?

Kristen Gallagher, fresh off of a successful Seed raise for Edify, took the time to catch up with Jeremy Diamond on the deck she used.

This is a rare gem. Edify founder Kristen Gallagher pitched the deck and analyzed it with me. Then we went from a great deck review to a legendary one with a walk through the original, never-pitched version of the deck and the stories of how she went from a pitch that was already pretty good to a unique, super-streamlined deck that paved the way for a $2M seed round.

For more context, see Jeremy’s set up.

[Full disclosure: Edify is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE]