Puppet founder Luke Kanies reveals more about his next venture, Clickety

It’s always nice to see successful Portland founders moving from being one-time entrepreneurs to serial entrepreneurs. And so I’ve been watching with interest as Luke Kanies, the founder of Portland’s Puppet, chase his next pursuit, Clickety.

What’s Clickety? It’s focused on helping people manage and maintain work relationships.

You owe someone a thank you note. You need to meet with someone on your next trip. You have to build a good relationship today for a hire you won’t make until next year.

These little but hugely important things are a key part of leadership. Things you try to do every day. A few people are naturals at it. The rest of us need to work at it.

For more information or sign up for early access, visit Clickety.

[Full disclosure: I have been part of the early user group of Clickety. I am not will not be sharing my experience until the product is publicly available.]