Landing another round of funding keeps Kubos chasing space

It’s not just proprietary technology that’s entering the space race. Open source has a spot, too. Like the Portland State Aerospace Society. And recent Portland transplant Kubos, a company that manages an open source framework for satellites, which just landed another round of funding bringing its total raised to $5.3 million, according to Crunchbase.

An open-source, integrated flight software framework designed top to bottom for mission developers. We have packaged together all core flight critical functions that your satellite needs, including the Linux kernel, hardware APIs and a suite of onboard services to solve the challenges of developing satellite software. KubOS comes with an SDK, documentation, and developer tools to simplify writing applications for your mission.

According to the Portland Business Journal, the capital will be used to accelerate “marketing, sales and customer acquisition… and some engineering talent as well.”

For more on the company, visit Kubos.