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Oregon barely among top 25 states for Series A & B venture funding in Q2 and Q3

According to Crunchbase, Oregon was ranked 24th in the US in terms of Series A and Series B venture capital raised during the second and third quarters of 2021 — with a total of $119 million raised. They also noted that this marked an improvement of 88% over the same time period, last year.

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Landing another round of funding keeps Kubos chasing space

It’s not just proprietary technology that’s entering the space race. Open source has a spot, too. Like the Portland State Aerospace Society. And recent Portland transplant Kubos, a company that manages an open source framework for satellites, which just landed another round of funding bringing its total raised to $5.3 million, according to Crunchbase.

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Portland startup Streem named among Crunchbase “50 hot tech companies globally in 2019”

It’s rare to see Portland startups bubbling to the top of national lists. Let alone global lists. So it was really nice to see that one of our local companies had been highlighted by Crunchbase as one of the 50 hot tech companies for 2019. Coming in at #2 on the Crunchbase list is Portland augmented reality startup Streem.

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Need a little more detail on that startup? Try VentureMash

What’s VentureMash? It’s like a more open version of CrunchBase that allows entrepreneurs to categorize and maintain information on their projects.

When it comes to definitive resources to house information on startups around here, the options are fairly slim. You can track it yourself, you can read the fluff I write here, you can pay for a subscription to a research service, or you can work to embed the information you’re seeking into existing resources like AboutUs.

And that, my friends, is what we in the biz like to call “an opportunity.” Well, leave it to some enterprising entrepreneurs to take that opportunity and run with it. Introducing Portland-based VentureMash. Read More