State of Oregon releases plan to guide innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment efforts over the next decade

Oregon now has a strategy for guiding the future of innovation in the state. The nearly 100 page document, created by TEConomy Partners from Ohio based on the insights from a number of interviews from around the state and months of guidance from the Oregon Innovation Council Futures Commission, provides strategic direction on recommended activities that will enable Oregon to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment over the next 10 years.

The ultimate goal?

By implementing the strategies and actions outlined in this Innovation Plan, Oregon will help ensure that it is working to position the state’s economy for economic growth. Now is the time for Oregon to double down and leverage its existing investments to develop a vibrant and high-functioning innovation ecosystem to ensure that, in 10 years, Oregon is globally known as a model for a diverse, inclusive, and resilient economy: a place where innovative people solve the greatest challenges of our times to create novel, sustainable products, processes, and companies that drive economic growth.

For more, read Malia Spencer’s coverage in the Portland Business Journal. To download a PDF of the plan, visit Oregon’s 10-year Innovation Plan.


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