VamosVentures selects Portland’s Juan Barraza as a part of its inaugural scout program

More and more venture capital funds are embracing the concept of “scouts” to help them with deal flow β€” and its a win win for folks who are in close contact with startups but aren’t necessarily investing. The funds get access to a wider spectrum of companies. And the scouts get compensated for finding startups that are on thesis for the funds.

On trend, VamosVentures has launched a scout program. And Portland’s Juan Barraza has been selected to be one of their scouts.

The fund’s mission is not only to back innovative and driven entrepreneurs, but to create and support a pipeline of diverse investors in venture. Last month, we launched our inaugural Scout Program to achieve this goal, and received an overwhelming response from all over the country.

Making the decision to select only a few candidates from hundreds of competitive applicants was an equally wonderful and challenging feat, and we’re delighted to have seen such a diverse group of candidates β€” 81% of applicants identified as Latinx, 10% as Black, 22% as women, and 3% as LGBTQA+.

For more on the program and the other new scouts, visit “Introducing the VamosVentures 2021 Scout Cohort!