Looking to speed up your app development? Portland startup Knapsack wants to help

The promise of object oriented programming was always rooted in the idea of being able to reuse chunks of code, thereby speeding up programming and reducing errors. But as applications get more and more complex, companies are creating their own libraries of objects. And Portland startup Knapsack is interested in helping.

According to the Portland Business Journal:

For example, if a consumer brand has already built their own app ecosystem there are common pieces across products, like a button or some other design feature. Instead of building that button from scratch every time for each new app added to the ecosystem, Knapsack creates a pattern for a button and the different variations it could have — such as color, typography, shape — and those pieces can be dropped into the new app build.

And it’s another serial founder story to boot. Founder and CEO Chris Strahl also helped start Orchestra Software, the ERP that began as a solution for local craft brewers.

For more information or to get on the waitlist, visit Knapsack.