Logging could be the future of Oregon startups

Okay. Not that kind of logging. The other kind. Dealing with the massive amounts of data trapped in logs in corporate environments, server farms, and the like. And that’s exactly where Portland startup Hydrolix is focused.

Many companies spend a significant amount of money and resources processing data from logs, traces and metrics, forcing them to make trade-offs about how much to collect and store. Hydrolix, an early-stage startup, announced a $10 million seed round today to help tackle logging at scale, while using unique technology to lower the cost of storing and querying this data.

Just as important? That’s right. You know I love the “serial founder” theme. Marty Kagan, who founded Cedexis, is the founder and CEO of Hydrolix.

Seeing a Portland startup in TechCrunch is always nice, too.

For more information, visit Hydrolix.