Why is Clubhouse so popular? A University of Oregon professor explains

Few social media platforms have created a such a palpable frenzy at the their launch. Twitter at SXSW. Instagram as it emerged from the ashes of Burbn. And the latest entrant, Clubhouse, which probably has the pandemic to thank for some it’s popularity.

But is that it? Is the lack of human connection during the pandemic the only driver? Or is there something deeper? Damian Radcliffe, a professor at University of Oregon, provides some of his insights on the popularity of the audio only social network.

Exclusivity, media buzzengagement from Tesla founder Elon Musk and high-profile investment from venture capitalists have all helped pique interest in the app. As a scholar who studies storytelling, Iā€™ve identified three other factors that may contribute to its ongoing appeal.

But that appeal is not without its issues.

For the details, visit “Audio chatrooms like Clubhouse have become the hot new media by tapping into theĀ age-oldĀ appeal of the humanĀ voice.”

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