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Why is Clubhouse so popular? A University of Oregon professor explains

Few social media platforms have created a such a palpable frenzy at the their launch. Twitter at SXSW. Instagram as it emerged from the ashes of Burbn. And the latest entrant, Clubhouse, which probably has the pandemic to thank for some it’s popularity.

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Comparing notes: Who's working on what to help Portland's innovation economy be more inclusive?

One thing I love about Portland: When people get really motivated and passionate about fixing a problem and start going full speed to make something happen. One thing I hate about Portland: Folks who do that usually find themselves in a vacuum, not realizing that they have peers pursuing similar ends. That’s one of the reasons I started Silicon Florist—and any number of other dot connecting projects—in the first place. And it’s why I’m glad to see things like the Inclusive Competitiveness event, this Friday. Read More

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