Bringing it all together: BankShift

Remember products like Adium and FriendFeed? What about Google Reader? You know, things that were designed to simplify your life by bringing a bunch of disparate information streams into a single interface? Now a new service from a Portland fintech startup is taking that kind of thinking to banking. Meet BankShift.

What’s in your wallet startup? Well, according to the Portland Business Journal, it’s a couple of folks with significant experience at Capital One.

A pair of financial industry veterans are taking what they have from decades of work at Capital One and building a Portland-based fintech startup designed to make it easier for people to manage all their financial accounts.

Co-founders Rob Thacher and Anne-Jeanette LeBell are building BankShift, an app and service that will allow consumers to create a dashboard of all of their financial accounts ā€” bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, investments and other financial vehicles ā€” and move money between those accounts or pay bills.

For more information, visit BankShift.