Another chance to meet folks in the Portland startup community

Not everyone — even in this all Zoom all of the time world — has the wherewithal to attend happy hours and evening events. Other commitments, family time, just not working… all take precedence. Which is why I’ve always liked Portland Lunch 2.0. Because it’s at a time where a broader group of folks are able to join and meet one another.

And if you’re interested in seeing it in action, now’s your chance. The next Portland Lunch 2.0 will be held May 25, 2021, at noon.

There’s no better time to reconnect with folks in the community with whom you’ve lost touch. And there’s no better way to gather with a random smattering of your startup community peers than Portland Lunch 2.0.

No agenda. No talks. Just lunch with your community.

The event is free to attend. And you’re welcome to join from wherever you happen to be. The number of interesting people already signed up continues to grow.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Portland Lunch 2.0.