Need help becoming a better engineer? Consider Traveling the Technical Trail

Engineering, computer science, and code school programs do a great job of helping folks learn how to write code or develop hardware. But few of them adequately prepare those same people for a career in technology. For that, it takes more than talent alone. It takes the ability to effectively navigate organizations and coworkers, ensuring that you’re on the path to the career you imagined.

But where can you get that sort of guidance? Anne Meixner is laying out a map for you.

In Traveling the Technical Trail I invite you to join me as I share insights from my own experiences, observations and conversations with fellow travelers. I have been traveling for a while and continue to learn as I walk this trail. So, I will also share books, podcasts and other resources which you may find helpful.

From common phrases and concepts to more advanced career advancement, Traveling the Technical Trail promises to provide you with the resources and insights you’ve been seeking.

For more information or to sign up, visit Traveling the Technical Trail.