Portland startup Ride Report surpasses $1 million in service fees tracked

I believe in celebrating wins. And milestones. So I’m always happy to see Portland startups recognizing that they’ve done something meaningful. Like Ride Report, which has just surpassed tracking more than $1 million in micromobility fees.

Our mission at Ride Report is to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable and efficient transportation system, and city revenue generated from new mobility will be a critical part of that transition. When managed effectively, this revenue can be utilized to fund new infrastructure and pay for programs that increase mode-shift and deliver positive city outcomes.

Today, we’re excited to share that Ride Report has tracked over $1.2 million dollars in dynamic shared mobility usage revenue across our city customers worldwide. In addition to tracking city revenue, we also have tools to help cities invoice the operators for micromobility fees.

For more information, read the blog post from Ride Report.