Need some additional help? TYE has interns ready to assist

Internship can often be an overlooked opportunity for startups. But few things are as win-win as working with interns. Founders and leadership get experience managing people and teams — as well as getting needed insights about their startups. And the interns get the real life experience they need as they explore potential career options.

But getting started with an internship program can be challenging. Which is why the TIE Oregon TYE program is a great opportunity for both local startups and local high school students.

The duration of the internship can be adjusted to fit your preference and can range from 2 weeks to 3 months. Responsibilities can range from administration tasks to shadowing development teams. Their skills range from programming and coding to marketing and analytics. These students are dedicated and eager to learn.

The diverse TYE student population is comprised of students from all around the Portland Metro including Benson, Reynolds, Catlin Gable, Jesuit, Oregon Episcopal School, Rosemary Anderson, McDaniel High Schools and others.

For more information or indicate your interest, please see this one pager on the TYE internship program.