Provenance Chain™ Network launches

What if you could use the power of a decentralized ledger like blockchain to provide more transparency in supply chains and products? That’s the idea behind Portland’s Provenance Chain™ Network, which officially launched, this week.

The Provenance Chain™ Network was built to deliver Transparency as a Service (TaaS) for companies that need to add transparency, traceability and provenance to their supply chains.

By recursively recording the interactions of people, places and things, we build a detailed, trusted provenance for every product, all the way back to raw materials. Because information is stored on a permissioned digital ledger we maintain data property ownership for all participants, which means all data remains the property of the entities who contributed it. Only people with permission to view data can see it, maintaining full privacy and data rights. All transparency data is cataloged and stored in the Transparency Cloud, a distributed data cloud of digital twins.

For more information, see the blog post announcing the launch of the Provenance Chain™ Network.