All together now: Chorus.ai acquired by ZoomInfo for $575M

Former startup now publicly traded ZoomInfo across the river in Vancouver, Washington, has announced that they are acquiring Chorus.ai. The acquisition is designed to add features to ZoomInfo that help sales people be better sales people by surfacing insights and analytics that would be impossible to intuit without sitting in every single sales or customer service call.

It’s impossible to listen to every sales call, every support call, and every recruiting conversation. Nor is it possible to read every piece of correspondence — but Chorus does all of that. It’s impossible for any single person to process all of that content, capture and record every word spoken, listen for and flag hundreds or thousands of key moments where keywords or phrases are mentioned, bucket them into specific categories, and convert hours and hours of interactions into searchable metadata — but through advanced AI insights, Chorus does that, too. It’s also impossible for humans to analyze all of the behavioral cues and sentiment captured during a meeting to predict outcomes with any degree of consistency — but Chorus can.

According to TechCrunch, the price tag is $575 million:

ZoomInfo announced this morning it intends to acquire conversational sales intelligence tool Chorus.AI for $575 million. Shares of ZoomInfo are unchanged in pre-market trading following the news, per Yahoo Finance data.

For more information on the acquisition, read the TechCrunch article. For more on the reasoning behind it, read the ZoomInfo blog post.