With apologies to Toad the Wet Sprocket… Startup on the ocean? Apply to Maritime Blue Accelerator

Even in a midst of a global pandemic, it’s difficult to forget the negative impact of climate change. And the ocean — and its overall health — will play a significant role in working to reverse the destruction we, as humans, have done to the planet. That’s why I’m excited to see what startups wind up in the Maritime Blue Accelerator.

While not specifically climate focused, the ocean-oriented accelerator has the potential to inspire solutions that are:

The Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator is an intensive mentor-based four month program focused on helping maritime industry startups learn how to scale and grow. Startups receive access to Washington Maritime Blue industry and ocean leaders alongside a global network of mentors and advisors. This is a powerful opportunity for local companies to grow and secure funding in a sector where capital is often scarce.

So if you’re working on a startup that incorporates the ocean in some way, consider applying.