Oregon Venture Fund shares criteria driving investment decisions in software companies by stage

For many founders, one of the most difficult parts of fundraising is figuring out who to pitch — and how. And while many funds provide details on their existing portfolio and their thesis, the particulars of how and why they make decisions remains rather opaque. Now, Oregon Venture Fund is making the effort to provide more transparency in that regard.

The following matrix drives OVF software investment decisions.

The characteristics (for example, # of customers) by which a company is viewed by us as investors varies from stage to stage (pre-seed when you are building the product is different from when you are raising to increase revenue from $1m to $5m). We’ve also found that the characteristics for each stage differ depending on the type of company – a Series A company developing a new magical technology is different than one developing a workflow solution – so we need to look at these all differently as well.

Be on the lookout for additional matrices for other verticals in which OVF invests.

For more, see Oregon Venture Fund’s “Funding by Stages.