Portland startup Chainstarters launches, tops Product Hunt

Part of my morning “reading the paper” routine involves swinging by Product Hunt — founded by Ryan Hoover who grew up in Eugene — on a daily basis to see if anything interesting jumps out at me. And this morning, something definitely did. Because Portland startup Chainstarters was sitting at the top of the list of products for today.

Chainstarters super-charges your development process, putting a scalable and secure infrastructure with over 100 resources at your fingertips so that you can focus on creating the best products possible. What used to take you several weeks with a dev team, can now be done in a matter of minutes.…

The end result? With the click of a button, you have the power to start efficiently building the look and function of products that sit on an enterprise-grade backend.

Another interesting tidbit… the tech team are Reedies, which — by my observation — has a tendency for producing talent that has helped start any number of interesting companies around here like Airship, AppFog, Puppet, Ride Report, Switchboard, and Tektronix among others.

For more information, read the Chainstarter documentation. To upvote the product, visit Product Hunt.