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Silicon Florist links arrangement, Puppet edition 💐

Sometimes, big news happens. Which means a bunch of people write about it. And that means a lot of links. So I’ve captured those links for you in a roundup. The topic? The planned acquisition of Portland’s Puppet.

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Portland startup Chainstarters launches, tops Product Hunt

Part of my morning “reading the paper” routine involves swinging by Product Hunt — founded by Ryan Hoover who grew up in Eugene — on a daily basis to see if anything interesting jumps out at me. And this morning, something definitely did. Because Portland startup Chainstarters was sitting at the top of the list of products for today.

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Like to talk DevOps? There’s still time to submit a talk to DevOpsDays PDX 2017

I know. I know. I’m a little tardy with the reminder. But let’s face it. You probably would have put off submitting an application until now anyway. So let’s just call it even. Fine. Agree to disagree. But rather than arguing with me, you should probably get to work on your DevOpsDays PDX talk proposal.

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Need more DevOps help? Dronze may be your new best (bot) friend

If there’s one thing on which you can always rely in Portland, it’s that we’re going to be mucking around with the latest and greatest technology. And trying to figure out new—and sometimes entertaining—ways to creatively put that tech to use. We’ve seen a lot of that activity lately with VR/AR/MR. But don’t forget the whole bot thing. Because there’s some interesting stuff happening there too. Read More

DevOps patterns distilled: New Relic FutureTalk with Gene Kim

I’ve been super impressed with the folks New Relic has been rounding up to speak at its FutureTalks series. And this month is no different. Gene Kim, founder of Tripwire and respected author, will be taking the stage, this month. The topic? DevOps. Read More

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