Portland ecommerce startup Rally secures $6 million

As the pandemic hit, suddenly every product and retail company was forced to become an ecommerce company. But choosing the right platform amidst all of the potential possibilities proved to be another challenge to overcome. Which inspired Portland startup Rally, a headless decentralized ecommerce platform that works in tandem with a variety of other providers.

Headless frontends are giving merchants more control than ever before over the shopping experience. And API-driven headless backends are giving merchants unprecedented control over their business processes.

Using web3 principles and innovation in crypto, Rally’s vision is to fundamentally change how value flows within ecommerce.

Instead of value flowing inward, towards a centralized company, we are building a checkout that allows value to flow outward, toward the community of merchants and builders.

Today, the company announced a $6 million funding round to continue pursuing the effort. According to TechCrunch, the round was “led by Felix Capital, alongside Rainfall Ventures, Long Journey Ventures, Afore Ventures and Commerce Ventures.” From what’s out there at the moment, I can’t tell whether local investors participated in this round or not.

For more information, visit Rally.