Portland calendar AI startup Reclaim launches “Smart 1:1s”

If you’ve ever managed folks, you know how powerful 1:1s (one-on-ones) can be for keeping everyone up to date and on the same page. And if you’ve ever managed anyone at a startup, you know how keeping a consistent schedule for those 1:1s can fall to pieces in a stressful environment. That’s why Portland startup Reclaim is putting their AI bot to work on your calendars, so that those 1:1s always happen, even under the most tenuous of calendar conditions.

1:1s automatically reschedule in real time based on both attendees’ availability. If either of you RSVP “No” or book over the event, it’ll reschedule to the next best time. Never worry about rescheduling your 1:1s when you go on vacation or have a last-minute conflict again!

To try it yourself, visit Reclaim. And if you like what you see, support this feature launch on Product Hunt.