I’m not dead yet! I’m feeling better: Koan finds a new home for its product

Earlier in the week, we got news that Koan, the startup founded by former Jive Software cofounder Matt Tucker, was preparing to wind down. But in the world of startups, apparently it ain’t over til it’s over. Because we just learned today that the Koan product has a new lease on life. Thanks to Gtmhub.

When we announced the product shutdown, we started pro-actively recommending Gtmhub as an amazing alternative. As we began working with the Gtmhub team on warm handoffs, we talked, kept talking… and kept talking. Late in the week, they made a super compelling proposition: “what if we acquire Koan to combine what’s uniquely great about your product with all the strengths of Gtmhub?” You might not be surprised to hear that we enthusiastically said yes.

For more information, read the Koan blog.