It’s like March Madness. But for startups.

I always knew that the Portland Business Journal had an ongoing case of the brackets. But to date, those brackets have really only handled a local beer competition. But now it’s time for startups to compete, tournament bracket style, as part of the Inno Madness competition.

Inno Madness is our annual bracket challenge designed to generate awareness and excitement for the city’s ecosystem, and those that are driving it forward. So, how does Inno Madness work? Nominate a local startup. (We’re looking for private, tech-enabled businesses or companies who support innovation) The Inno team will assemble brackets of private, fast-growing, tech-enabled local businesses, based on your nominations. In March, we’ll reveal the bracket and companies will go head-to-head throughout 6 rounds with you, our readers, voting to determine who moves on from every matchup. Every week, we’ll post the updated bracket and voting will begin again. At the end, we’ll announce our annual Inno Madness Winner.

Nominations are currently open. And maybe they’re for Portland only. Maybe they’re not. Maybe they’re for the whole Inno network. I honestly can’t tell. But whatever the case, they close Sunday, February 6, 2022.

If you think your startup has what it takes to, um, take it or to nominate a startup that you think has the chance to go all the way, visit Inno Madness.