Interested in coaching or mentoring women-led startups? XXcelerate wants to talk to you

One of my favorite things about the Portland startup community is a willingness to help one another. Rarely do I have a conversation with anyone in town that fails to include “Is there anything I can be doing to help you…?” It’s just the ethos around here.

But sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out more efficient outlets for sharing your insights and skills. That’s why I’m happy to see XXcelerate providing an opportunity for you to do so.

We partner with folks in our region who possess the wide variety of business knowledge – from strategic planning, to digital marketing, to financial management to scaling production – that owners need as they navigate the challenges of growth. XXcelerate’s one on one coaching program is designed to help small business owners tackle the barriers they are experiencing to growth head on with just-in-time guidance and support. XXcelerate hires gender and culturally competent talent interested in leveraging their expertise in favor of building the capacity of women owners. We pair owners with intention depending on the specific support they need – collecting as much information about their pain points and assigning coaches best aligned to guide them through a task. While the program focuses on building the capacity of the owner to do for themselves, they don’t have to be alone in navigating an area that poses an internal or external barrier to growth.

For more information on this ask, visit Portland Startups Switchboard. For more on the company, visit XXcelerate.