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Five Years Ago, I Set Out To Prove A VC Firm Could Invest With A Diversity Thesis. Here’s Where We Are Today.

In 2017, I started compiling a list of Black and Latino founders who had raised $1 million of VC funding as there wasn’t any aggregated list online. I simply wanted to know who the top diverse founders were as they were the founders I, as a venture investor, wanted to serve. So I started pooling data from all over the internet.

Under The Hood: How Seed Investor Initialized Spots Future Unicorns

In the 10 years since Initialized’s founding, the San Francisco-based firm has racked up an impressive stable of unicorn startups—private companies now valued at $1 billion or more—in its portfolio.

How to Intentionally Structure & Scale Company Communications

As a distributed team at Levels that works asynchronously, we’re ready to do whatever we can to ensure our team can do their best work and make progress towards an important mission. We take the responsibility to ensure that our tools, process, and culture allow for this. (h/t Jeff Martens)

Embracing Impostor Syndrome

As I’ve progressed through my career, I’ve experienced increasing imposter syndrome. It’s never gone away. I understand this is a common feeling, particularly in software engineering. It’s called Imposter Syndrome because you feel like you are not qualified to do your job — like you’re pretending but no one has figured it out.

Shades of Entrepreneurship podcast: CEO & Founder of PodInbox: Pat Cheung

How do people come up with new ideas? One of the best ways to spark inspiration is observation. In this episode, a serial entrepreneur discusses the importance of customer input to making a successful product.

REMINDER: PIE’s next experiment

Now, it’s time for a new experiment. One that holds the potential to change the impact of PIE. In a way that could prove to be as meaningful as our transition from a coworking space to a startup accelerator program more than a decade ago.

Portland Lunch 2.0: Virtually (March 2, 2022)

There’s no better time to reconnect with folks in the community with whom you’ve lost touch. And there’s no better way to gather with a random smattering of your startup community peers than Portland Lunch 2.0. Even if it is virtually. No agenda. No talks. Just (virtual) lunch with your community.