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The preeminent pitch platform for Oregon’s Black entrepreneurs returns

For the first time since 2019, Black entrepreneurs in Portland pitched their businesses to hundreds of possible investors and customers, and competed for $100,000 in cash prizes.

Nike Announces New SNKRS VP

In an internal message sent to employees on Tuesday, Nike leadership named Lucy Rouse its new VP/GM overseeing SNKRS, the app where the brand’s most limited and high-priority product is released. Her full title will be VP/GM of NBHD (short for Nike’s top-tier “neighborhood” sneaker boutique partners), SNKRS Launch, and S23NYC (the New York studio where the SNKRS team is based).

How Vacasa is harnessing smart home technology

Vacation home rental platform Vacasa is rolling out a suite of smart home technology to its 35,000 homes designed to make the guest experience smoother and ensure rental home guests are good neighbors.

“The Lean Startup” Is Outdated. Drop Everything That Comes From It.

It’s time for us to drop “The Lean Startup” and what has come from it, especially MVPs, A/B testing our way to achieving business goals (often at the experience of the customer experience), and starting with ideas and features rather than starting with research, knowledge, and learning.

Portland designer centers Black community in outdoor apparel

Jocelyn Rice was always interested in design and fashion, but she never thought there were career options in it for her — a young Black woman in Portland. It wasn’t until she was in a Black History class at Portland Community College learning about the Harlem Renaissance when it all clicked that she was meant to center the Black community’s needs in apparel design.

Accelerate Biotech + Digital Health Virtual Happy Hour – 3/3/22

These happy hours bring together creative and driven professionals who are passionate about promoting the growth of Portland’s Biotech and Digital Health community. This is a great opportunity to network and build relationships with individuals working across these sectors in both academia and industry.

Oregon lawmakers expand eligibility, amounts for state business loans

“Entrepreneurial initiative is at the heart of business startups and is vital to growing a healthy, thriving and innovative economy. Entrepreneurial ventures often attract the best and brightest talent, which in turn attracts new investments and new talent in a perpetual cycle of synergistic growth. Often, however, the basic working capital needed to propel entrepreneurial ventures through early phases is difficult to access through traditional bank financing,” wrote Scott Bruun, director of tax, fiscal and manufacturing policy for OBI in written testimony supporting the bill.

Sila “Alpha Beta Launch” podcast

Launching your own company in the financial tech industry is a lot of work! You start with this crazy idea. Maybe it’s a passion project, or something that gives you purpose. Maybe you’re building a business based on necessity by creating software or solutions that don’t currently exist. The concept is as exciting as it is terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be. In Alpha Beta Launch we talk to founders and CEO who all started from the exact same place, an idea.

Westside Pitch 2022: Finalists announced

Westside Pitch is a startup competition for Washington County entrepreneurs seeking to showcase their early-stage businesses. Competitors will have the chance to pitch their business venture to a panel of local investors. In preparation for the event, participating businesses will receive personalized coaching by Venture Catalyst, Laura Kubisiak.

How to regain confidence after getting fired

I’m having a tough time getting my professional confidence back after a very brutal firing last year. I got fired in May of 2021 from a start-up I helped build, as a contractor and then as an employee, for over six years. For five of those six years, I was the only employee/contractor other than the owner…

A practical guide to securing Google Workspace for a startup

To reduce the risk of malicious or vulnerable apps being used to steal data, we configure Google Workspace beyond the default settings. Our current configuration balances security and productivity and is a starting point for any organization looking to improve the security of Google Workspace.