Looking to hack on some web3 stuff? Look no further than the ETH Portland hackathon

As folks start to come back together in person, a lot of that activity is being motivated by a desire to collaborate with others, face to face. And there’s no better environment for that sort of in-person collaboration than a good old-fashioned hackathon. Which is why it’s great to see ETH Portland taking place in April.

What’s ETH Portland, you ask?

ETH Portland is a 3-day community hackathon created for developers, designers, and blockchain enthusiasts based in the NorthWest. 🙂 Attendees will be immersed in a welcoming environment where they’d be able to learn, build cool shit, and make new friends.

The event takes place April 7-9, 2022 in Vancouver, Washington. It appears to be free to attend. (But I could be wrong.)

To RSVP, apply through Dystopia Labs, the event host. For more information, visit the ETH Portland Info Hub.