How burned out are tech folks? Pretty fried according to The State of Burnout in Tech 2022

We, as a global community, have been under a ton of pressure and stress over the past two years. Global pandemics have a way of doing that. But stress and burnout were issues in the workforce long before that. With the tech and startup communities doing more than their fair share of burning through talent. But most of that, while vaguely understood, has been largely anecdotal. Which is why I’m always happy to see efforts that attempt to quantify the effects. Like The State of Burnout in Tech report.

We set out to uncover how burnout is affecting workers in tech through the Burnout Index, the largest scientific-based assessment of this kind ever made: we collected 32,644 answers from IT professionals across 33 countries. In essence, the Burnout Index is a calculator.

Based on a self-administered 10 question survey, we used the four-dimensional model of burnout to measure the degree to which the professional is feeling exhausted, inefficient, cynical, or experiencing depersonalization. Each of these corresponds to a score, resulting in “low”, “moderate” or “high” risk of burnout.

Its findings? Well, they’re not good. And I’m sure the prevalent hustle-porn culture of the startup world isn’t helping.

For more, visit The State of Burnout in Tech 2022.