Apply to participate in the TiE Women 2022 Global Pitch Competition

While there are any number of amazing and interesting pitch competitions from which to choose, it’s rare for founders to get the opportunity to share their startups on a global stage. Which is why events like the TiE Women 2022 Global Pitch Competition are always intriguing.

Who is eligible? I’m glad you asked.

  • Female-founded or co-founded startups ONLY. (The opportunity to pitch will only be provided to the female founder/co-founder)
  • Female co-founder must own at least 33% of the equity in the company.
  • Companies in business for less than 7 years only (date of registration of company not earlier than Jan 1, 2015).

Applications are open until the end of May. There is no fee to apply.

For more information, visit TiE Women.