Seattle VC Flying Fish — which has been active in Portland — has a new $70 million fund for AI/ML startups

Seattle VC firm Flying Fish has a new cache of dry powder for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning startups. And given that they’ve been active in Portland in the past, that could mean good news for AI/ML startups seeking early stage funding.

We believe artificial intelligence and machine learning will disrupt every industry and are looking for the next generation leaders in every field who are building companies with maching learning at the heart of their strategy. We also invest in platform AI/ML companies that are enabling new innovation.

“You are always going to want to invest in your own backyard, because that’s going to be your stronger network,” said managing partner Heather Redman. “But you’re going to invest elsewhere, too, because you believe that you’re the best investor for every single founder. And I want us to start thinking about Seattle in that way.”

Among Flying Fish portfolio companies are Portland pursuits Clickety, Edify, Reclaim.ai, and Streem

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