ConductorOne closes $15 million Series A

For all the news of economic downturns, founders are still out there, building businesses. And investors are still taking risks on those ventures. Because a downturn is often the best time to build the next great business. So it comes as little surprise that Portland startup ConductorOne announced its $15 million Series A.

ConductorOne provides a user-friendly experience for automating access reviews and managing permissions from one central location. Our no-code integrations, flexible workflows, and management via web, email, and modern collaboration tools such as Slack, make implementation a breeze and customers realize value in days. We have a deep set of integrations (that are growing by the day!) that pulls in all your identities, entitlements, groups, roles, resources, and so forth, providing you with visibility over access and enabling you to orchestrate and automate workflows around them.

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