Well that was fast: Y Combinator alum Embed acquired by FTX

It’s like it was yesterday. When I first started covering a promising young Y Combinator alum startup out of Vancouver, WA. Then they were raising even more money. And now, Embed has already been acquired.

This acquisition continues FTX US’ strategy to reach across asset classes for retail cryptocurrency and traditional securities brokerage accounts.The deal launched as a partnership between the companies before the M&A talk began. FTX was one of Embed’s first clients.

“Our goal at FTX is to provide a comprehensive trading application that spans all asset classes,” said FTX US President Brett Harrison, in a written statement. “For equities and options trading this necessarily includes services such as clearing and custody, and our partnership with Embed showed us that they have built excellent technology and infrastructure to provide these services.”

For more information, see the coverage in the Portland Business Journal.