An exceedingly appropriate time for a Kermit gif: A Kids Company About partners with The Jim Henson Company

Portland media startup A Kids Company About started with books. And then expanded into podcasts and educational content. Heck, they’ve even done stuff with LeVar Burton. Now, they’re partnering with one of the biggest names in youth entertainment to produce TV shows about the same types of tough issues they’ve tackled in other media.

Based on an 80-title book series, the TV show’s 22-minute episodes will feature live-action segments, animation and puppet vignettes. Topics haven’t been nailed down yet, but racism and climate change are among the issues explored in the Kids Book About titles. The goal of the adaptation project is to teach more children and families how to have conversations about difficult subjects.

For more information on the arrangement, read Kidscreen.

[Full disclosure: A Kids Company About is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]