Portland startup Workfrom launches Virtual Cafes on Product Hunt

The pandemic has inspired any number of new features and products — and sometimes whole new companies. One of those pivots hit really close to home as a hometown favorite for finding and researching alternative workspaces, Workfrom, suddenly had an entire user base working from home. But from that pain came inspiration. In the form of Virtual Cafes.

And while the product has been running in beta for quite some time, Workfrom has decided that they’ve tested it enough. And so now, they’re releasing Virtual Cafes out into the wild. And where better to do that sort of thing than Product Hunt…?

Mix custom background imagery with low-key video chat and your favorite music to create gorgeous online meetup spaces. Tailor everything to match your community, brand, and purpose. No-code design tools. Nothing to download/install. Create. Decorate. Share.

So if you’re a Product Hunt community member or you simply want to see what other folks are saying, plan to swing by Product Hunt today to support Workfrom. (As of this writing, they’re in the top ten products for today.)

[Full disclosure: Workfrom is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]