Early play to earn NFT based videogame Alchemon raises $1 million

While the frothiness of the NFT world has subsided a bit due to larger dynamics within the industry, there are still any number of folks who are bullish on the concept and continuing to explore the potential of tokens in rethinking how we’ve done things in the past. One of those companies is Portland based Alchemon, which was an early player in the NFT based videogame space. And they’re not the only ones with optimism. They just raised $1 million from a group of investors, according to Fortune.

Alchemon is the first monster-collecting NFT staking, crafting and trading card game only on the Algorand Blockchain!

Get your Alchemon, evolve them and then craft Epic and Legendary Alchemon that will never be for sale (in the official store)!

I haven’t played it, but it looks a lot like games in the Pokemon universe of which I’m a fan — I mean, I’m still looking for friends on Pokemon GO — mixed with some crafting magic of other role playing games.

For more information or to try it, visit Alchemon.