Getting that itch to pitch? Well if you’re on the Westside, you’re in luck

Thankful that Malia Spencer reminded me about the upcoming Westside Pitch competition for local startups. Which is still a ways off. But applications are due soon. Like the end of the month soon. Should you be interested? Are you eligible to even apply?

I’m glad you asked.

Westside Pitch is a startup competition for Washington County entrepreneurs seeking to showcase their early-stage businesses. Competitors will have the chance to pitch their business venture to a panel of local investors. In preparation for the event, participating businesses will receive personalized coaching by Venture Catalyst, Laura Kubisiak.

Eligible competitors include all entrepreneurs that either operate their business or live in Washington County. Selected businesses will have developed a unique product or service solution that solves a big problem in a national or international market.

What do you get if you win? Slow down. You haven’t even applied yet. So get that done and then maybe we can talk about what the winner gets. Maybe. Speaking of, applications are due by 5:00PM on January 31, 2023. So get on it, Mr or Ms “I’m pretty sure I’m going to win Westside Pitch and take home whatever the prize is.”

Sure, sure. You’ll show me.

Fine. I’ll give you something. How about a trivial fact with which you can regale your local startup friends? Cool. Laura and I used to work together in the same startup during the dotcom days. There. Now go work on your application.

For more information or to apply, please visit Westside Pitch 2023.