Stephen Green to take the helm of Business for a Better Portland… temporarily

Things change fast around here. It seems like just six months ago we were talking about Karin Power taking over the interim executive director role at Business for a Better Portland. But now, Karin has been pulled back into service at the state level by Oregon’s new governor Tina Kotek. So that’s where Stephen Green comes in. For the next 90 days, at least.

Concurrent with its search for a permanent Executive Director, BBPDX is thrilled to announce that Stephen Green, a founding member of Business for a Better Portland, small business advocate and founder of PitchBlack, will lead the organization in its search for a permanent director. Green will join the organization on January 20th.

Board Chair Hope Beraka, owner of Think Real Estate and Think Commercial, noted that “Stephen’s long time commitment to small business advocacy in Portland is exactly what BBPDX needs as we embark on a thoughtful and transparent search for a permanent Executive Director. We look forward to continuing to deliver results for our members and bring value to our broader community this year as we deepen our engagement with the challenges that face Portland’s small business.”

Green and the board are going to work together over the next 90 days to find the organization’s next full time leader. Along with leading the recruitment, Green will also be engaging with members and the small business community through events and discussions.

I don’t know what Stephen is looking to accomplish during this limited run, but I’ll make sure to get some details from him as soon as I can. But even without any knowledge of what he has planned, I can guarantee that the organization will benefit from it. Well that, and it will likely involve some spreadsheets. Likely lots and lots of spreadsheets.

For more, read the write up from Malia Spencer at the Portland Business Journal or read the press release from BBPDX.

[Full disclosure: Stephen is the Board Chair for Built Oregon. I am the cofounder of Built Oregon and I cofounded and run PIE, which is part of Built. PIE is also part of BBPDX. And I have been involved in the organization since its formation as PICOC.]