Building again: Serial Portland founders reveal new startup, Digs, and $7 million in funding

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Portland could always use more serial founders. You know, folks who have built something here, successfully exited, and then decide to build something else…? Those folks. Even better is if they’ve happened to make money for local investors. Who are then more willing to fund the new ventures. And that’s what’s happened with Ryan Fink and Ty Frackiewicz and their latest effort, Vancouver-based Digs.

If you’re not familiar with the pair’s earlier pursuits, they include OnTheGo Platforms, an early player in Augmented Reality initially focused on Google Glass — yeah, that early — and Streem, which leveraged the learnings from previous efforts to make home repairs easier and more straightforward.

Now, Digs moves beyond simplifying repairing homes… to simplifying building them.

And investors already, ahem, dig it. Betaworks, Flying Fish, Fuse, GFR, Legacy, and Portland Seed Fund all participated in the initial $7 million round. Which, given the current macro-economic conditions, is a significant nod of confidence.

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For more on the company, visit Digs.