Working on a Portland-based software startup with a BIPOC founder? PIE wants to help

It’s that time of year again. PIE applications are open. And this class, the nearly 15-year-old, early-stage startup accelerator is focused specifically on Portland-based startups that have at least one BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or other Person of Color) founder. Applications are due March 14, 2023. But don’t stress. There’s still plenty of time to apply. Because applications are pretty straightforward.

As with the past few cohorts, folks are welcome to apply with the pitch deck or one-pager that they’re already using. Don’t have one? No worries. There’s a written application that helps outline all of the information that PIE needs to make a decision.

What if you’re working on a hardware or consumer product startup? You’ve got even more time. Because PIE hasn’t opened applications for PIE Consumer or PIE Shop yet. That will come later in the year.

Not familiar with PIE?

PIE is a program predicated on providing founders — often first time entrepreneurs — with access to the mentorship and networks they need to be successful. And we do it by focusing on what each company needs, rather than being driven by a one size fits all curriculum. Think of it as an independent study, enabling you to focus on the issues, problems, and opportunities that matter most to you — all while being supported by a network of peers and mentors. What’s more, in addition to programming, PIE provides access to discounted and free services designed to equip your company with the tools you need to succeed.

Best of all? PIE provides all of this at no cost. The program asks for no equity and charges no tuition. It is absolutely free and clear.

What if you have more questions? Those might be answered below. And if they’re not, then there will be another Q&A session on Monday, March 13, 2023. Giving you the opportunity to get those questions answered with more than 24 hours to wrap up your application and get it submitted.

Again, please don’t worry. You can wrap up an application in about an hour. How does PIE know this? They know because the vast majority of the founders who apply for their program wait until the last minute to submit their applications. Every. Single. Time.

But you don’t have to scramble to get it done. There’s a cheat sheet to help you start getting your thoughts together. And again, if you have a deck or whatever, you can just submit that. Easy peasy.

For more information on the program, visit PIE.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. As you might have been able to tell from the video above.]