ConductorOne releases Access Request offering

While I always love seeing new startups, hearing that existing startups continue to improve their offering is just as compelling. Which is why I was excited to hear that ConductorOne has released their newest offering, Access Requests.

Today we’re excited to officially announce our Access Request product. A solution that provides self-service access requests to your employees via Slack or a web catalog, automatic approval routing, and zero-touch provisioning. We see this as the modern solution to these problems because it provides our customers a centralized way to automate access management and provide just-in-time access to critical infrastructure, back office systems, and any business application.

By bringing in user access data and privileges from any app, our customers’ IT and security teams are able to understand what’s happening, set fine-grained policies to govern access, and automatically enforce said policies with automation. While policies are centrally managed and enforced, each app owner makes the informed decision on the permission levels and users. When requests are approved, IT doesn’t have to go through complex provisioning scenarios, the Access Request product handles provisioning directly to the application, via SCIM, or through a workflow. If the access granted is time-bound, we also automate deprovisioning.

For more information on this new functionality, visit ConductorOne.