Free community coworking at UpStart Collective

Often the easiest way to get connected to community isn’t paying to hear someone talk about it. Rather, It’s as simple and straightforward as taking the opportunity to engage in the community, firsthand. That’s why UpStart Collective is offering Portland startup founders the opportunity to cowork out of their space on Thursday, May 4, 2023 — for free.

Come spend the day working in Portland’s # 1 Founder space, the UpStart Collective. Come hang out, get some work done, and hear more about what the founders of the space are working on. This event is free and open to those founders working on anything that is not a client-based business (accountant, consultant, designer, development and/or marketing agency, etc). Why no service providers? Because the space is designed for founders working on other types of businesses and not having service providers in the space allows them to be open to being vulnerable as well as sharing their challenges without the fear of being “sold to.”

To RSVP, visit UpStart Collective Open Co-Working Signup.