Oregon Capital Scan 2022 has been released

Every couple of years, a team of folks digs through a bunch of data, analyzes and assesses the flows of capital to small businesses and startups within the state, and reports out on what they’ve found. The latest version of that report — Oregon Capital Scan 2022 (PDF) — is now available for your reading pleasure.

According to the report:

All early-stage data indicates strong opportunities for Oregon-based startups looking for early-stage equity funding. Companies may first look to local angel groups and early-stage venture capital firms. These resources can provide strong initial funding to help get a company off the ground. Although this can be a great avenue, companies must look outside of Oregon as their businesses grow and/or their capital requirements increase.

For more details on where the money came from and where it seems to be going, download your copy of the Oregon Capital Scan 2022 (PDF).

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