Improve your ChatGPT game with Prompts

If you’ve taken the opportunity to muck around with generative AI products, you know that you can sometimes get some valuable and interesting responses. But you also know that it may take you a series of prompts and refinements to make that happen. That’s where Prompts comes in — to help you save your hard work as a template.

Prompts by E-String provides an intuitive interface that helps you craft, manage, and execute AI prompts seamlessly. We empower you to get the most out of your AI interactions, whether you’re an AI hobbyist, professional, or a corporate team.

Create and manage a list of prompt templates that you can fill out and use over and over again. The app generates an easy to fill out form for each prompt template that you can use to create a prompt for any situation. When you are ready to use a prompt, the app generates the prompt and copies it to the pasteboard so you can paste it into any generative app such as the ChatGPT app or any web page.

Prompts is currently available on iOS devices. It is free to download.

For more information, visit Prompts.